When you find something, you feel your wings grown up. Your passion take the main part of your life. You discover your potential. You want ever more. You give all your time, all your breath, all your energy to this passion to achieve your dreams. You build your dreams brick after brick with drop of sweat. Yours dreams are what make your progress, what pull you up. You wish that all will continue until you reach the top. You hesitate. Long time. Believe in your dreams or stay feet on the ground to avoid disappointement. Finally, you choose to run. You give more time, more breath, more energy, more wishes, more sweat. You put many hopes in what you want. Everybody arround you tell you that you are so special. So unique. So exceptionnel. You finish to believe them and believe, in the same time, that if you really are as they say, you might make your dreams come true. So you imagine your life in few years. Under the spotlight. On the front page. And after bronze and silver, the gold will be yours. You want success. You imagine standing ovation, applause, and most over, the fame. You want put stars in kids eyes like senior put them in your own eyes. You want become the motor of their motivation. You want to hear them idolaters you. You want be proud and feel the pride in your mothers words better than ever. You give all you can, put all the chances on your board and cross fingers. But finally, you understand your dream aways and with it all he involves. You see your perfect world cracks and fall in a millions pieces at your  feet. You think that is the worst thing wich could happends. You saw dissapointement and the extinction of the stars in the kids eyes. You saw the curtain is closing before you start to shine, and before you show the whole world what you can do, before feeling the heat of the spotlight. You don't know if you have to continue. All what you dreamed is dead. There still it nothing. Only tears and regrets. And the "if only". You think you touch the bottom. But no ! In addition to this, you discover that people who had to help you to reach the top are lying to you. You feel lost. You don't know what you do. You know you are to weak to all stop. But this is this same weakness who burn your wings. You don't know if you have the right to stop. Your talent still even if your dream has gone. Have you the right to bury it for always even if he will not serve you ? Should you forgot it when people dreams to having one percent of it ? Could you leave when you know you will cry every night for weeks ? Stay in vain or leave in pain ? This is where I am. In the questioning. Wondering if I am not on the point to make the worst mistake of my life or if I am not about to go on suffering for nothing one more year. I am the only one who could choose. And I think that whatever my choice, it will be wrong. I remember all joys, all pains, all tears, all shouts. To my mind I've do my time. But I would like that this moment tcontinue forever. I remember when my feet took off for few seconds. I remember all fears I overcame  and all fears that overcame me. Since 10 years I learn to defy gravity's lows. Since 10 years I build my body to make it. I wonder what will stilling when all that will endding ? Only memories ? I think I prefer they gone too.

I would like so much having this talent to show all the world what I am able to do.

Baby, look at me
And tell me what you see
You ain't seen the best of me yet.
Give me time,
I'll make you forget the rest.
I got more in me,
And you can set it free
I can catch the moon in my hand
Don't you know who I am?

Baby, hold me tight
'Cause you can make it right.
You can shoot me straight to the top
Give me love and take all I got to give

Baby, I'll be tough
Too much is not enough, no
I can ride your heart 'till it breaks.
Ooh, I got what it takes.

Remember my name.
I'm gonna live forever
I'm gonna learn how to fly, high!
I feel it comin' together
People will see me and cry.
I'm gonna make it to heaven
Light up the sky like a flame.
I'm gonna live forever
Baby, remember my name
Remember, remember, remember, remember,
Remember, remember, remember, remember.
Remember my Name.

And who in the world told you you was so spacial ?
You did ...

You choose to believe. You were wrong. You are too weak for this way. You want to shine. Your just a looser. Now, leave. And for the futur, stay on the ground. Don't trust in the other. You're the only one who drives your life.
This is may be a Farewell, or just the start of the end.

You hoped shining...

But now spotlights are off.